Donatingly for Non-Profits

Partner with a non-profit and make a social responsibility donation to support their work
Get a donations page to showcase the impact of your donation for your clients
  • New platform for your NGO to engage with private sector donors

    Our service is free for non-profits

    We attract donors to you through cause-marketing, which your updates help develop

    We make your work more visible to private sector donors

  • Raise funds and give back updates

    In order to attract new partnerships, your non-profit commits to send frequent updates of your work

    Updates will show up on donors' profile page

    Just choose how many photos, video clips and blog posts you want to offer for partnership

    It is easy to add news about your work

    Donors will promote to your work and showcase their social contributions. This way you can attract new donors and promote your work to wider audience!

  • Why Donatingly?

    We are the first online service targeted only for the partnerships between private sector and non-profits!

    With us you can

    offer a fresh alternative to increase your partnerships with the private sector

    attract new donors and offer your existing partners to better showcase their social responsibility

    And it's very easy to get started!

    Click to create a free profile and fill in some basic details of your organization.

    And you are instantly ready to start raising funds and promoting your work for potential business partners.

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  • Why Donatingly?

How Donatingly works for non-profits

  1. Sign up for a free account

  2. Select an ‘update category’ to advertise how often you will provide visual and narrative updates

  3. These updates appear on your organisation’s page as well as on the Donor Pages

Impact update types

Video clips

  • 1-3 minute audiovisual insight & update on the recent work done in the non-profit.
  • Can be a simple an interview showcasing the impact of the work.

Photo stories

  • A good photo of interesting news that has lately happened in the work of the NGO.
  • A short story & description to the image. This is a minimum of 400 characters.

Update categories

How many updates one does need to upload?

  1. Needed only after NGO receives donations (min USD 1000).
  2. 1 month of updates for USD 1000
  3. You choose how many updates your non-profit wants to give back!