Donatingly for Businesses

Donatingly for your company?

Donatingly is made for you if you think that your company…

  1. not getting enough in return from social responsibility contributions
  2. ...should participate in social responsibility but you're not convinced if it makes sense for your business

Donatingly makes your company's social responsibility contributions visible in meaningful way so that you can enjoy the recognition your organization deserves.

Benefits for your company

Let's face it: too many corporate social contributions are not communicated to the clients in the best way.

One press release or a page CSR page that nobody reads - is that enough?

We are lifting the visibility of your social responsibility to another level.

Benefits for your company:

  1. Show your clients the amazing impact your contributions are making in the world
  2. Customize your Donor Page according to your brand
  3. Continuously receive updates to your Donor Page about the impact of your donation

How to get started?

It's very easy!

  1. Choose the NGO you want to partner with
  2. Choose the amount of your donation and make a wire transfer
  3. Pay Donatingly fee and create your company an interactive donation's page with a few clicks