Donatingly for donors

Partner with a non-profit and make a social responsibility donation to support their work
Get a donations page to showcase the impact of your donation for your clients
  • Becoming a donor

    we highlight your social contributions by showcasing the organisations that you support

    social activity and financial contributions have potential to improve your customer-base

    we spread the word about your donation so it can have greater impact

  • Benefits to your Company

    We’re about visibility for your social responsibility projects and contributions:

    Displaying where your contributions go, in a digestible exciting format

    Creating customised donor pages that complement your existing brand and marketing scheme

    Receiving current updates to keep things interesting and show how you’re making a difference

  • Get started

    Choose the Non-Profit with whom you want to partner

    Make donation directly to your Non-Profit partner

    Pay the small Donatingly fee and set up your Donor Page with a few clicks

    Read about the detailed process below or check out an example Donor Page!

  • Why donate?
  • Benefits
  • Get started

Donors donate AND receive

1. Find Partner & Donate

  • Choose a transparent and accountable non-profit from our partner list
  • Make a donation to the non-profit

2. Pay Donatingly fee

  • Pay a small fee to activate your interactive Donor Page to showcase the impact of the donation
  • Our pricing is very reasonable - see our payment schemes

3. Activate dynamic Donor Page & receive impact news

  • Easily customize and personalize it - check out an example
  • Receive impact updates. Share to your clients on Social Media.

Want more for your CSR?

Donatingly is currently looking for the first donors interested in
increasing visibility of their Corporate Social Responsibility.

Let us know if your business is interested.